Other services

24/7 reception: we are open all days throughout the year

Shoe shine machine: Shoe-cleaning machine in the lobby, which the guests can use free of charge. 

Baggage store: In our luggage room we provide opportunity to early arriving and late-departing guests to storage. 

Smoking. The whole hotel is NON SMOKING! You can smoke only in the allotted area at the front and the back entry of the hotel.

First Aid: First aid kit is located at the reception, where you also can find some basic medicines. 

Wake-up alarm: you can indicate  your wake-up needs on previous day at the hotel reception.
Fax, photocopy and scenning service: The device can be found at the front desk, the receptionist helps for a charge. 

Heating / air conditioning: Each room has individually controlled air conditioning. 
IT Support: please indicate this kind of problem on the reception and our IT expert will help to solve it

Internet: In the entire building free cable and wireless internet (Wi-Fi) connection is available. The wireless access code and the cables to wired connection can be received at the reception or  the password you can find on the top of Internet Access Setup sheet.

Ticket Booking: Theatre and cinema tickets order needs please indicate at the reception. 
Late departure: Your room is available for you on arrival day from 2 PM and on the departure day until 10 AM. Your possible needs for late departure please ask the reception, if possible indicate it on arrival.

Conference: Our hotel is providing 1 bigger (up to 40 persons) and 2 smaller (20 people) conference rooms. Please indicate your intention to lease or use at the reception. 
Safe service: Next to the reception on the ground floor, it is available for free of charge to our guests.

Minibar: Please do not use the minibar for food and other beverage storage in order with health regulations.

Mediterranean Adventure Spa ticket: Aquaticum Mediterranean Spa is located in the heart of Great Forest of Debrecen, about 300 meters from our hotel. This special facility with lush tropical vegetation and a number of special elements can make a summer spell for each day of the year.  At reception daily tickets can be purchased on reduced price for single entry.

Washing: If you need dry-cleaning please give the clothes to the reception, in the laundry bag prepared in-room. The current price list for the service is in-room information folder. This service will be provide not in hotel building.

Room cleaning: The maids will visit your room daily for room make-up. If you do not require this, please indicate this by hanging out the sign off the room door. Bed linen is changed twice a week, bathroom textiles are every two days according to the regulations. If you have different needs, please let the staff know about. 
Taxi: You can order a taxi at the reception, or indicate a later intention there.
Phone: Each room is equipped with a telephone wire, from which you can call directly to the front desk, the hotel rooms, or external calls are possible on it. Calls within the hotel are free of charge. Telephone bill to be settled at the hotel reception. Please read the information on the use of phone in-room information folder. 
TV: The current television channels are shown in the in-room information folder. 
Devices and equipments to rent for free: Iron, hair dryer, internet cable, pillows, blankets, sewing kit, shoe care tools, umbrellas, child-bed. The objects after use is complete and perfect condition shall be returned to the reception, otherwise compensation to be paid.

Toiletries: At the reception can these products required (toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving products, cosmetic paper) for a fee.

Shuttle: Local and long distance transport can be arranged by us. Please indicate at the hotel reception your intention to travel. 

Newspapers: Daily newspapers are available to our guests at the reception. Please do not take the newspapers out of the hall, and put it back after reading next to front desk. 
Ironing: Iron is available for free of charge at the reception. You can iron in the kitchenette on the 2nd or 3rd floor. Please watch for fire and safety standards. 
Heandling of the Guest Complaints: if You have any comments about our services please notify us by filling out a questionnaire which you can find in the room folder and please leave it on the reception

Closed parking. Our hotel has own closed but not guarded car parking places. To the vehicles or objects placed inside vehicles we are not responsible. Passing rules: you can drive in with a parking card that you can request at check-in from the receptionist.